In the light of past experience and current findings  we considered several  options of continuing truck-the-world:

  1. Driving back through Thailand, Laos and China overlanding home through Mongolia, Russia and Eastern Europe East West
  2. Driving back through Thailand and transit Myanmar to India with many shipping and overlanding options to Europe or Africa
  3. Shipping to Corea. But like China, USA, Japan South Korea did not ratify the 1968 Vienna Convention on Road Traffic including acknowledgment of national vehicle registration, effective 1977. They had signed Geneva convention on that subject established in 1949 but never signed by Germany for historical reasons… We did not know that South Korea makes null exception for German plated vehicles, not even for temporal import. Talks to South Corean Ambassador in Bonn had no effect. So Korea was out of truck-the-world
  4. Same with Japan. Jap autorities seemed more flexible at first accepting  authentification of German Carnet de Passage by Japan Automobile Federation. But inspection and registration of German plated vehicles were required even for temporary import. Those regulations address new cars sale and their fulfillment costs at least 5000 US$. We did not expect our 25 year old truck meeting current Japanese emission or noise standards, eg. So Japan was out of truck-the-world, too
  5. Shipping outbound Kuala to Vladivostok, Russia and continue as above
  6. Shipping outbound Kuala or Singapore with options to Europe, South Africa, America or Australia
  7. Shipping outbound Kuala to Australia’s Darwin or Fairbanks. This  is extremely costly and laborious because of Australia’s compulsory vehicle  disinfection process. Their motto: Stop disease at the gate... We have past experience with camper fruit fly inspections driving from one Aussie state to the next and were not interested to repeat this experience.