Visa in Germany 70 €/Pax, agency consular fees 60 €/pax. No Israel visa in passport. Personal letter required containing visiting address, phone and mail plus motivation and route. Carnet de Passage by FIA via German Automobil Club AVD 150 € or ADAC 200 € plus monetary bond securing vehicle’s value. Advantage: One may leave the truck behind and fly out. And come back during Carnet validity without any other time restriction. Attention: There are news in the net about 2, 5 or 6 months limitations depending on the authority you have consulted.

Time consuming immigration into a bureaucratic state. Negotiations about cargo listing plus import and road tax for a big camper may take a day at Astara border. No money. Border police and customs polite. No need to lay out for laggers. In contrast, emigration is short and simple. Insurance 50 €/4 weeks but no checks.

No problems with any type of Police or Military for Europeans, no speeding, no money, no control stops nor visits at night. Attention: There are other reports in the net. Safety and security no problem in Iran, even though Iranians drive like hell. The good side: Iranians are extremely friendly and interested to meet and to talk to Europeans, invitations for tea and melons all over. English not as frequent as expected, though.

Diesel 15 €-Cents per litre for tourists without Diesel Card. You may stick to truckers and filling station attendants and lay out a reward to get it for the standard 7,5 Cents. Attention: Not each and every filling station is cooperative, Diesel often scarce. So fill up as often as possible.

Roads in Iran are almost fantastic. Attention: Reise-Know-How World Map IRAN is faulty. In Dasht-E-Luth there is no road between Shadad/Kerman and Birjand. But there is a good one between Shahdad and Nebandan near Afghanistan following that track in the map.

Women wear light scarf, coat and trousers in public while males dress like Europeans. No beach for couples, females bathing with over-coats. Guardians of public moral watch out.

No alcohol in public and amount of bars or restaurants quite limited. Food means Khebab, salad, rice, yoghurt and sweets. Standard drink is Doogh similar to Ayran and Lassi but refined with mint, cardamon, muscat or dill: Tasty!

Camping at lakes, rivers, seas or in the desert is fine. In cities hotel parking is first choice, e.g., Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan for 7 $/Night. Noisy but locked up and safe-guarded 24 h. Nota Bene: Camping Site in Iran means tents, almost impossible with cars or even trucks.