Country far away from Europe in many means, extreme corruption level, police asking for money all over and not friendly at all with tourists. Carnet de Passage not accepted. Border crossing importing our truck requires 200 US $ – no Euro, no Manat – and lots of gifts, time and talking.

Transit-Visa/5 days in Germany: 1. pax 24 €, 2. pax 5 €. Consular fees Frankfurt 55 €/pax . Personal letter required including motivation, route, profession. Passport must contain both, visa incoming and outgoing, countries. Immigration stamp not required wth transit visa. Emigration with a vehicle needs 3 hours and some bribe.

Attention: Reise Know-How World Map Central Asia is faulty, Northern borders Keneurgench and Gubadag closed for tourists, use Dashgouz instead. Note: There are news that Keneurgench has opened for Internanal tourists recently, just check.